About Us

Having volunteered in many animal shelters across New York City, co-founders, Maria and Anna, decided to get more involved. They began by raising money for the animals that lived in these shelters. When they started to do more hands-on work, they noticed how fast animals were disappearing from their cages.

They found out that animals in kill-shelters are marked for death just to cut costs and save cage space. Maria and Anna couldn’t stand by and let that happen. That is why in the year of 2013, AMA Animal Rescue was born. Today, AMA Animal Rescue is a dedicated team of young women who, with the help of volunteers, continue AMA’s original mission to rescue and rehabilitate helpless strays and kill-shelter animals.

In just the first year of operations, AMA has rescued, fostered and adopted out nearly 100 animals. As a registered New York State 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, AMA Animal Rescue relies solely on charitable donations from community members like you and your company, to fund their work.

AMA has a sanctuary with a spacious backyard, clean cages and veterinary services for the animals that were once discarded, unwanted and abused. The main purpose of the facility is to serve as a loving home for these homeless animals while AMA works hard on finding them permanent placement. The ultimate goal of AMA Animal Rescue is to open up a true no-kill animal sanctuary in order to rescue more animals into a safe and comfortable environment.