AMA Animal Rescue Adoption Process

We acknowledge that the adoption process is lengthy and thorough. However, please keep in mind that our rescues have been previous victims of abuse and/or neglect and, in many cases, almost lost their lives. Our mission is simple: we work tirelessly to ensure our adopters will provide the love and healing that these innocent animals need until their last days.

Step 1: Apply

Fill out the adoption application, which includes uploading:

  • Proof of employment: W2 or Human Resource Letter on Company letterhead
  • (2) forms of ID: Passport, License/Permit (copy back and front), birth certificate, military ID, non-drivers ID
  • (2) forms of proof of address: Utility bill, cell phone bill, credit card, bank statement, W-2, medical bill
  • (2) Non-Related references: Friend, Colleague, Neighbor, Veterinarian

NOTE: Please make sure all documents are uploaded where we can clearly identify your name, address, and place of employment.

NOTE: These documents are confidential and will not be viewed by anyone other than the adoption team.


Step 2: Interview

If your adoption application passes the initial screening, the adoption coordinator will reach out to you to schedule a virtual interview and home tour via Facetime, Zoom, and/or Google meeting.

Step 3: Meet & Greet

Step 3: After the adoption interview, you will be put in touch with a shelter manager to schedule an interaction with the pet you have chosen (or meet our available pets if you don’t have a specific animal in mind).

PLEASE NOTE: This step is different from the official adoption, which will be scheduled separately.

Step 4: Finalize the Adoption

After all three steps above are completed, the adoption packet will be passed on to the Adoption Director, who will schedule a date and time to finalize the adoption.

PLEASE NOTE: The adoption will be done on sight at the shelter, 2815 Cropsey Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214, with the approved adopter present. Due to COVID 19, at this time the approved adopter may only be accompanied by one additional person for the adoption. The entire process will take no more than one hour. You will pick up your pet at the same time. In the case that the animal is in a foster home due to health/behavioral reasons, you may schedule the pick-up from the foster home as soon as the official adoption is done.