Become a Guardian

Kibble Kindness - provide food

With just $3 a day, you can play a crucial role in providing our animals with the essential nutrition they need to thrive. Your contribution will make a significant difference in their lives, ensuring that they receive the care and sustenance they deserve. Join us in our mission to improve the welfare of these innocent creatures and make a lasting impact today.

Toys for Tails - Toys and treats

With a small contribution of just 25¢ per day, you can help bring some joy and comfort to pets under our care. Your support can provide them with toys and treats that will make their days a little brighter and remind them that they are not forgotten.

Pet Vet Services - vaccinations / surgeries

By contributing just $2 a day, you can ensure that our pets receive the medical care they need to stay healthy and happy. With your support, these vulnerable animals will have access to crucial vaccinations and medical treatments that can help prevent disease and alleviate suffering.

Canine Manners - training

By contributing just 99 cents a day, you can help provide essential training and enrichment that will improve the physical and emotional well-being of our dogs. Your support will enable us to offer programs and activities that can help homeless dogs develop important skills, such as socialization, obedience, and agility. These skills can increase their chances of finding a loving forever home and improve their quality of life while they wait.

Tails of Hope - rescue/intake work

By contributing just $3 a day, you can help us ensure that we always have enough funds to take immediate action whenever we receive reports of hurt or abused animals. Your small but meaningful contribution can make a significant difference in saving lives and providing the necessary care to these innocent animals.

Operation Sterilization- Spay and neuter

By contributing just $1.50 a day, you can help prevent overpopulation, reduce the number of animals living in shelters, and improve their overall health and well-being. Your contribution will not only make a tangible difference in the lives of these pets but also support a larger effort toward creating a more compassionate and responsible society for our animal companions.