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Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures performed by a veterinarian that renders an animal incapable of reproducing. Here are answers to some questions you may have about this beneficial procedure. WHAT is spaying/neutering? Spaying — is a veterinary procedure that requires minimal hospitalization and offers lifelong health benefits. The actual procedure as well as monitoring

Fostering a Pet

For most pets up for adoption, they spend their days in cages eagerly awaiting a loving home. Even though animal shelters work tirelessly to socialize and care for the animals, there are far too many animals and far too few people working there to be able give the animals the love and attention they deserve.

Heart to Heart

So you just adopted a dog and have done everything possible to make sure your new family member will be safe and well looked after… You patched the hole in the fence, you got him some blingy tags, you dog-proofed the house. In fact, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep Fluffy from harm! So,

Traveling with Pets

So you’re thinking about traveling and taking your pet along. Before you plan your trip, it is important to first determine that your pet is healthy, of even temperament, and that you will be able to spend enough time with him/her during the trip. If those things are not true, it might be better to

Making a bang!

It’s almost time for beach barbecues, fun in the sun and those magical fireworks again. Yes, 4th of July is just around the corner and us humans are reveling with the thought of painted night skies. But anyone who has ever owned a pet will tell you how stressful and awful those same firework displays


The hashtag “adopt don’t shop” has become quite a big deal on social media over the last few years. It’s not just a phrase meant to save shelter animals across the globe, it’s also a plea to boycot an industry that thrives on animal cruelty. Yet sadly thousands if not millions of people still buy

Claws Out!

To many people the option of declawing their cat seems very appealing… No more struggles with Mr. Whiskers scratching your expensive furniture or digging into your chest with purrrrrr delight as he gets his head scratched. But have you ever wondered what that seemingly simple procedure means to Mr. Whiskers? Not only is declawing an

The Devil is in the Testing

Every woman has used the phrase ‘it hurts to be beautiful’ in their lifetime. But I wonder how many of those women have considered what really goes into their beauty routine. I wonder how many women have stopped to ask themselves if red lips or longer eyelashes are worth the pain and cruelty that really