Common Issues (And Solutions) For Senior Pet Owners

Science has proven time and again that ownership of a pet has both physical and mental health benefits. There are hurdles to get over, however.

Getting heavy pet food bags home from the store is difficult.

Lifting a heavy food bag can often be more troublesome with each trip to the store. Consider what kind of food the pet is eating as well as from which store you are buying the food. Perhaps Rex could begin eating wet foods instead of dry foods. The smaller cans of dog or cat food would be much less hassle to maneuver from cart to car to cupboard. Consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s diet though.

Call your local store and ask if the baggers can help get the food to your vehicle, or ask the cashier at checkout for assistance. Often times they will be more than happy to help load and unload your groceries. This won’t help get the food into your home, but consider also employing a neighbor for help or planning your shopping trips with a family member.

Online services like Amazon go the extra mile by delivering straight to your door! They sell a variety of dog foods. In many cases, the deals there are even better than at local department or pet stores, and by buying in bulk or subscribing to Amazon Prime, you won’t have to pay shipping!

My dog needs a walk, but I need a nap.

Many breeds of dogs need to be walked frequently well into their golden years, but it can become a physical strain. Dog walking is a source of income for younger crowds. Does your neighbor’s teenager want a way to make some extra money that isn’t mowing the lawn? Ask your fellow pet-owners who walks their dogs. They may be willing to walk yours, too! There are also online services like Rover that will let you book some exercise for your furry friend, and you can keep your feet propped up.  

Achy joints make bathing a pet a real chore.

Bathing Fluffy might start to become a literal pain in the neck, back, knees, or elsewhere, there are solutions! Hiring a groomer may be the best option for you. Some make house calls, and others are available right in the pet store. Delegating this task will not harm the relationship between you and your pet. In some cases, it may strengthen it!

If a groomer is out of the question, whether the reason is transportation, finances, or a want to continue this care on your own, a memory foam bath mat would be easier on the knees. If your dog is small enough, bathe them in the kitchen sink to avoid having to get onto the floor all together.

Bathing cats isn’t exactly a favorite pastime since it could very well be seen as hazardous. Cats do a pretty good job grooming themselves, but if she just needs a little freshening, try a dry pet shampoo. To pinch pennies even tighter, consider making your own cat shampoo!

I am simply no longer able to care for my pet.

This is a devastating consideration for all pet owners: What to do when you are just no longer able to care for your beloved animal. This happens more often than pet owners would like to admit, but sometimes we are forced into a move, the vet bills become too much, or the health needs of our animal become more than we can accommodate. In these cases, unfortunately, some owners consider having their pet put down. This is a painful experience, and it does not have to be the solution. Turn to your neighbors and family to see if they would be willing to adopt your pet. In this way, visitations could still be arranged. If family comes by to visit often, delegate tasks like the ones listed above to those who visit.
If you are considering rehoming your pet because you have to find a new home yourself, look for pet-friendly housing. This is the case with nursing homes as well. If you absolutely must find a new home for your animal many nursing homes would welcome your pet as a therapy animal.

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  • It’s true senior pet owners suffer from various problems. Like taking a dog to walk, playing with them, not caring properly etc are very common issues. Very informative article.
    Pet Bounce 🙂

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