Fostering a Pet

For most pets up for adoption, they spend their days in cages eagerly awaiting a loving home. Even though animal shelters work tirelessly to socialize and care for the animals, there are far too many animals and far too few people working there to be able give the animals the love and attention they deserve.

Fostering is very beneficial for pets up for adoption. By giving an animal even a temporary home, they get space and attention they wouldn’t otherwise get at the shelter. Especially important for shy and abused animals, animals that spend time with foster parents become more social as they learn that somebody loves them. And when you foster a pet, it gives the animal shelter more space to take in more pets that may have otherwise been euthanized. When a pet is fostered, they are more likely to get adopted; an animal will have a different personality in a cage than when they are in a home. For AMA our fosterers are especially important because we do not have a shelter. We rely on foster parents to care for the dogs and cats that we rescue while we search for their forever home.

And fostering a pet is beneficial for YOU too! Not only do you get to spend time with a sweet pet without all of the responsibility (think babysitting for a few days or weeks rather than having a kid), but you also get to learn what type of pet owner you are and it can prepare you for pets you may have in the future.

One of the great things about fostering a pet from AMA is that all of the expenses are covered so all you need to give is your love to your foster pet!

Any amount of time you can offer to foster a pet is extremely important for us, and we have three different foster options:

  1. Emergency foster– this a good choice if you are only able to foster a pet for a couple of days. Since we don’t have a facility to house these animals, this type of fostering is very important for us if we need more time to set up a longer term foster option.
  2. Short term foster– this is a great option for fostering an animal for 3 to 4 weeks. It gives us more time to find a potential owner or more time to set up a long term foster.
  3. Long term foster– This is the best choice if you have a few months’ time to dedicate to a pet. You will be housing the pet until they are permanently adopted.

Please consider fostering a pet today! You will be amazed how much you and the animal you care for will grow from this experience.

If you’re interested in fostering one of our pets, please fill out this form or email

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