General Information

Our organization works strictly with sick, abused, and neglected animals, as well as with animals in high-kill shelters. We do not rehome pets or work with a stray cat population.

First, take it to the nearest vet’s office and scan it for a microchip. (They will do it for free.) If the dog is microchipped, the vet will contact the dog’s owner so they can be reunited. If there is no microchip, please take a HORIZONTAL video and a few pictures of the dog and send it to together with the exact location of where you found it and your contact information. We will need these visual proofs before we can take any action. After you send in your video, an AMA representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Feral cats live outdoors and have little or no contact with humans. They do not allow themselves to be handled or touched and will run away from you if they can. If the cat approaches you and allows you to pet or pick it up, it is likely a lost pet.

  1. Feral Cat
    Please reach out to your local cat rescue group and ask if they can help by providing TNR (trap and release) services. You can find a few organizations here. In a TNR situation, the rescue will trap the cat, spay or neuter it, and release it back into the same neighborhood it was initially founded in. This helps reduce the stray cat population in the future. Some rescues will charge a small amount of money per cat, as it takes a lot of work and resources to do a TNR. See the list below to find more cat rescues near you. We encourage you to be proactive and learn about TNR workshops here. You can also learn more about managing feral cats here: from feeding to sheltering to keeping them out of your neighbor’s garden. 
  2. Friendly Cat
    If the cat is friendly, take it to the local vet office to see if it’s microchipped. If it is, the vet can contact the owner. If the cat is not microchipped, reach out to local rescues and ask if they can take the cat. Try posting in different animal-loving groups on Facebook—that usually works wonders. Our rescue organization can help by making a COURTESY POST on our social media asking people to contact you directly if they are interested in adopting the cat. If you’d like us to do a courtesy post, we need in-depth information about the cat (age, breed, sex, character,) good pictures of the cat (daylight, not blurry), as well as your name and email. Please send this information to
  3. Newborn Kitten
    Please read this useful information provided by NYC Feral Cat Initiative.

With the right advice and steps, your beloved family member can remain safe in their home in many situations. For example, a cat might stop using the litter box if they aren’t yet neutered, are unwell or fearful of an enclosed container or a new kind of litter, or a cat might become withdrawn and scared if they are in pain and need a vet visit. There are also some helpful articles here for both dogs and cats experiencing behavioral issues. If you cannot financially care for your pet, there are also options available.

Choosing to re-home your pet can be an incredibly difficult decision, and relinquishment prevention is always the first route. If, however, this isn’t possible and you found yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for your animal, please review the following resources before surrendering your pet. There also may be alternative re-homing options to consider.

WE DO NOT REHOME PETS. However, our rescue organization can offer help by making a COURTESY POST on our social media to let people know that you are looking for a new home for your pet and have interested parties reach out directly to you. If you’d like us to do a courtesy post, we need in-depth information about the pet(s), including age, breed, sex, character, good pictures of the pet(s), (daylight, not blurry), as well as your name and email. Please send this information to

You can find a list of credible NY rescues below (please google their name to get more information) or by clicking here. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back right away, you may try calling or visiting their location. Animal rescues receive many requests for help daily, so they struggle to respond in a timely manner to each and every one of them.

Please understand that some shelters do euthanize, so it is fully up to you to place your pet in the best hands possible. Request to follow up on your pet’s status and to be informed once they are adopted.

In the event that you witness physical abuse, try to take a video to document what has occurred. In the video, be sure to say aloud the day, the time, and the actions you are witnessing. Other details, such as the frequency of abuse, are important to include. It’s crucial to have as much visual proof as possible. Though it may seem like taking a video of the abuse is not helping a pet, this could be the only reason why the animal will be taken away from an abuser. When you have 1-2 clips where you can CLEARLY see the abuse, call the local police about what you have witnessed. Tell them you have visual evidence as well. Even after you have alerted the authorities, be sure to keep taking as many videos as possible. It is better to take a few 30-second videos rather than one 5-minute video because it is easier to send. If you’re unable to reach the police, email us the videos of the abuse at, along with the details of the event. Please include pertinent information such as how did you come across this particular situation and your contact information. We will reach out as soon as possible.

In the event that you see a dog tied up outside of someone’s house: take a video in which you say aloud the day, the time, the current temperature, a description of what you see (ex: the dog is tied up, dirty, no water, etc.), as well as the frequency of the neglect. You should have a few videos from different days/times so that you can later prove that this is a recurring situation. After you have gathered your evidence, the next time you witness neglect, call the local police and ask to speak to someone from the animal abuse department. Explain the situation and wait for their arrival. If you know the owner or feel comfortable speaking to them, it would be helpful to reach out and gently find out why they are keeping their pet outside. Is that because they don’t want to walk them? Or do they want to get rid of their pet? If they don’t want the pet, offer your help finding a new home for the pet or reach out to your local rescue organizations.

NY Rescues

2000 Spays and Neuters
3 Hearts 4 Paws
A Cause for Paws
A Home Fur Now
A New Beginning Animal Rescue
A Place for Cats
A Second Chance for Ziva
A Tail at A Time
Abandoned Angel Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Adopt A Boxer*
Adopt A Spot
Adopt Don’t Shop
Adore-A-Bullie Paws and Claws*
All About Cats Rescue
All About Rabbits Rescue*
All About Spay Neuter
All Breed Rescue*
All God’s Creatures Inc.
All Sentient Beings
Almost Home Animal Rescue & Adoptions, Inc.
Almost Home Animal Sancuary
American Belgian Malinois Rescue Club
American Bulldog Rescue
American Maltese Association Rescue
Amsterdog Rescue
Anarchy Animal Rescue
Animal Behavior Specialists
Animal Farm Foundation
Animal General (Tenth Life for NYC Cats)
Animal Haven (SOHO Location)
Animal Kind
Animal Rescue Force (ARF)
Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF)
Animal Rescue of Queens
Animals Are Forever Inc
Animals Can’t Talk Rescue & Adoption Inc.
Anjellicle Cats*
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association (ACDRA)
Balanced Buddies Res-Q
Baltimore Humane
BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition)
Beagle Rescue (Safe Hounds Beagle Rescue)
Beastly Rescue *
Bella’s Way Equine Rescue*
Best Friends Animal Society
Bichon Frise Rescue of Northern New Jersey*
Bide-A-Wee (Manhattan)
Big East Akita Rescue
Big Hands Little Paws
Birds of Prey Rehabilitation
Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Group
Bobbi & the Strays
Boxer Angels
Brooklyn Animal Action*
Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition
Buckeye’s Mission & Sanctuary
Bullmastiff Rescue
Bully Project
BUMPER Bulldog Rescue
Bunnies & Beyond
Calling All Cats Rescues
Camp Papillon Pet Adoption & Rescue
Cane Corso Rescue
Care of DC*
Carolina Poodle Rescue
Cat Assistance Inc.*
Cats in the Cradle
Cavalier Alliance for Rescue, Research, & Education, Inc.
Cavalier Rescue USA*
Center for Avian & Exotics
Charwills German Shepherd Rescue
Chinese Sharpei Rescue*
City Critters
Coffin Small Dog/Cat Rescue
Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Connect A Pet New England
Crazy Goats Feed
Crossed Paws Rescue*
Curly Tail Pug Rescue
Cypress Feline Rescue
Dalmatian Rescue*
Daniel’s Dream
DASH Rescue
Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue
DGI Paws Incorporated
Doberman Rescue Unlimited
ECHO East Coast Herding Dog Organization
Eleventh Hour Rescue
Ellen M Gifford Cat Shelter
Emerald City Rescue, Inc
Empty Cages Collective
Eskies Online
Everlasting Hope Animal Advocacy & Rescue
F.A.C.T.(Feline Advocates Coming Together)*
Fairy Dogmother
Farm Sanctuary
Feline Rescue of Staten Island
For Our Friends
For the Love of Dog Rottweiler Rescue of NH
Forever Families for Felines
Forgotten Friends of Long Island
Foster Dogs Incorporated
Four Paws Sake
Frankie’s Fund for Feline Care & Rescue*
Franklin Township Animal Shelter
Free To Be Me Rescue
Friendly Ferals
Friends of Homeless Animals
Friends of Wayne Animals (FOWA)
From Hope to Home Animal Rescue
Fur Friends in Need
Furbridge INC
German Shepherd Rescue of Central NY
Get A Bull
Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue
Give Me Shelter Project
Glen Wild Animal Rescue
Golden Paw Society
Green Fur Kidz
GSP Rescue of NJ
Guardian Angel Rescue*
Happy Homes Animal Rescue*
Happy Tails Dog Rescue Inc*
Have A Heart Guinea Pig Rescue
H.E.A.L. Sanctuary*
Heart & Soul Rescue
Heart Rescue Group
Hearts & Bones Rescue
Heaven Can Wait*
Helping All Living Things (HALT)
Homeward Bound Addison County Humane
Homeward Bound Schnauzer Rescue
Hop-A-Long Hollow
Hopewell Rescue Inc
Hotwater Rescue
Hudson Valley SPCA*
Humane Society of NY
Humane Society of Walden
Humane Society of Westchester
Hunterdon Somerset
Hurricane Pets Rescue
Husky House NJ
Imagine Pets Rescue
Indigo Haven Animal Rescue, Inc
Infinite Hope Services, Inc.
Internet Miniature Pinscher Service (IMPS)
Italian Greyhound Rescue
Jacks Galore, Inc
Jersey Shore Animal Center
Joey’s Elder Paws
K9 Kastle*
the Kitty Crusade
Kitty Kind*
Kodi’s Club (Hudson Valley SPCA)
Labs 4 Rescue
Last Chance Animal Rescue
Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue, Inc.
LI Pit Stop
Lifeline Animal Rescue
Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance
Litters of Love, Inc
Little Guild of St. Francis
Little Shelter*
Long Beach Humane Society*
Long Island Bulldog Rescue*
Long Journey to a New Beginning
Looking Glass Animal Rescue
Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue*
Magnificat Rescue and Rehoming
Mama Chris Animal Rescue
Mastiffs to Mutts Rescue*
Mayor Alliance for NYC’s Animals
Meade Canine Rescue Foundation
Meow Parlour Cats
Metropolitan Maltese Rescue*
Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Mid-Atlantic Bassett Hound Rescue
Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue
Morgans Place
Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York
Mr. Bones & Co*
Mr. Mo Project
Muddy Paws Rescue*
Neighborhood Cats
New Hope Rescue Ranch, Inc.
New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network*
New Life Animal Rescue*
New York City Cat Coalition
Next Stop Forever Small Dog Rescue*
North Country Pet Adoption Services, Inc
North Shore Animal League America
NY Bully Crew
NYC Feral Cat Initiative
NYC Shiba Rescue*
Odie’s Place
Oliver’s Orphan Oasis
Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue
One Life to Live Pet Rescue and Adoption, Inc*
Only Maine Coons Rescue
Oregon Tiger Sanctuary
Out of the Pits
Pathway to Hope
Patricia Ladew Foundation
Paul the Cat Guy
Paw Print Rescue
PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society)
Paws Crossed*
Paws on the Green
Paws to Love
Pawsitively Pom Rescue
Peace Love & Doggie Paws
Peis & Strays
Pekingese Rescue Network, Inc.
Pet Adoption League of N.Y.
Pets Alive
Pet Res Q, Inc.
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, Inc.
Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue
Pitties. Love. Peace
Pit of Our Souls Rescue Inc.
Place For Cats*
Pluto Rescue
Poodle Rescue of Vermont
Poor Animals of St. Francis
Posh Pets Rescue
Pound Hounds*
Project Precious Rescue
Pug Rescue of New England
Pupstarz Rescue*
Purrfect Pals, Inc*
Rabbit Rescue & Rehab
Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge
Rawhide Rescue
Ready for Rescue
Real Dog Rescue
Rebound Hounds ResQ*
Red Hook Dog Rescue
Redemption Rescues
Reenies Rabbit Rescue
Rescue City, Inc
Rescue Dogs Rock
Rescue Haven Foundation
Rising Dove Rescue
Rock N’Rescue
Ruff Dog Rescue Northeast
Rutland County Humane Society
Safe Hounds Beagle Rescue
Sarama Animal Rescue
Save A Pet Rescue
Save a Heartbeat
Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc.
Save Our Strays*
Saving Paws Rescue, Inc.*
SCARNY (Second Chance Animal Rescue)*
Scooby Doo’s Rescue Mission
Scottish Terrier Club of Great New York Rescue*
Sean Casey Animal Rescue
Shelter Chic
Shelter Survivors*
Shiba Rescue of New Jersey
Shih Tzus and Furbabies
Shonio’s Safe Haven, Inc*
Short Noses Only Rescue Team
Siberian Husky Assistance & Rescue of NY*
SICAW- Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare
Skylands Sanctuary
Small Paws Rescue*
Social Tees
Southampton Animal Shelter
Southern Comfort Maltese
Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR)
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center
Starting Over Animal Rescue
Staten Island Hope Rescue
Sunnyskies Bird & Animal Sanctuary*
Suruluna Animal Rescue
Symphony Vet Center
Tails of Courage
Tanner’s PAWS Inc
The Animal Haven
The Odd Cat Sanctuary
Thorse Dog Rescue NFP
Thy Fairest Fido Paws for Cause
Tibetan Mastiff Rescue
Timbers Legacy
Town & Country K9 ResQ, LTD*
Twenty Paws Rescue
Two by Two Rescue Group
Unchained New York
United Yorkie Rescue, Inc.
Unwanted NYC Pets
Vermont English Bulldog Rescue
Waggin Train Rescue, Inc
Waggytail Rescue
Whiskers a Go Go
Whiskers Inc
Wise Animal Rescue
Wild Bird Fund
Wildlife Freedom Foundation
With a Golden Spirit (WAGS)*
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Woof Dog Rescue
WRAP- Whippet Rescue and Placement
Zani’s Furry Friends *