Grooming your pet

As humans, we are all well aware that regular baths and grooming is necessary to maintain certain hygiene standards. It’s also very useful for social purposes… I mean who really wants to hang out with someone who doesn’t bathe or brush their hair?!

But how important is grooming to Fluffy and Mr. Whiskers?

Unlike humans, cats and dogs do not need to bathe daily but depending on their breed and level of cleanliness they most likely need a wash every two to three months. Bathing them too frequently can strip their skin of natural oils necessary for a healthy coat and skin. When it comes to bathing it’s always best to check with a professional groomer or with a breed specific expert on frequency and always use pet-friendly shampoo.

When it comes to brushing however, cats and dogs do need more frequent grooming. For most cats it is advisable to brush them as often as once a week and long haired cats need to be brushed daily. During these grooming sessions also make sure to get your cat used to every part of them being groomed, including their feet since this will make trimming their nails slightly easier.

Grooming your cat may seem like a challenging task, but if you start gradually and do it correctly it will soon become part of the routine and might even be enjoyable for both you and Mr Whiskers. Make sure to always use the proper tools for the job at hand and only groom your kitty when you are both relaxed and at ease. Always brush in the direction of hair growth to ensure a smoother brushing process and if there are mats that you are not comfortable removing, take your kitty to a professional groomer. The key is to make sure that it’s never a stressful situation for either you or Mr Whiskers.

Fluffy should be brushed every couple of days regardless of the length of his coat. How often he gets a trim or a shave is dependent on the thickness and length of his coat as well as the weather. In colder weather a longer coat will help keep him warm but during summer months he might benefit from a short shave. If you opt to groom Fluffy at home, do your research to get the right tools and also familiarize yourself with the process. Clippers that are too loud may frighten your dog, thus making grooming difficult. If the blades aren’t sharp enough this could also lead to the hair getting pulled out instead of being cut off which would also cause Fluffy to not enjoy the experience

When grooming your pup, make sure to also trim the fur on his feet. Any hair growing over the paw needs to be trimmed and the hair between the paw pads needs to be trimmed to be level with the pads. Do not attempt to trim between the pads. Trimming the paws, ears and face should be done with scissors and always go slow to avoid unnecessary injury. You will also need to clean the inside of his ears by simply using a cotton ball or a baby wipe wrapped around your finger and gently wiping away any dirt build up. Do not attempt to insert anything into the ear canals. Lastly, you will need to regularly clean Fluffy’s teeth as a lack of dental hygiene could lead to serious health problems. Use a tool designed for brushing canine teeth and water or doggy toothpaste to brush the outside of Fluffy’s teeth and gums

Should you choose to find a groomer to regularly take your pet to, always ensure that the establishment and groomer are professional and has the adequate experience. There are certainly dangers to having your per groomed if you don’t do your homework. Although these incidents don’t occur too often, there have been incidences that could have been avoided. One story is of a groomer accidentally clipping a dog’s ear off and trying to cover up the mistake by glueing it back on. Other stories involve the blowers that some groomers use. These machines generally pose a risk, and if not set to the correct temperature or if the pet is left in too long these machines could cause serious damage or even the death of your pet. Look up references online and ask as many questions as you need to ensure your pet will be in the best hands possible before making a choice when opting to use the services of a groomer

Regardless of whether you opt to self-groom or if you choose to use the services of someone else, there’s always an abundance of resources available online. Happy grooming!


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