Domestic Shorthair
June 15, 2016
10 months

Imagine being just 6 months old when you lose your family, end up discarded on the street and then you are hurt. Hurt so badly that the side of your body, some of the strongest bones you have are fractured and broken in multiple places. You have no one to ask for help, to care for you, to take away the excruciating pain. This is what happened to Amber. Amber was found by an animal loving samaritan, lying nearly lifeless under the stairs of the cold Brooklyn Subway station. Unable to move, seek shelter or find scraps to get through the night, Amber laid in pain, losing hope. Thankfully, one of AMA Animal Rescues recently joined volunteers happened to walk by the area and watching all of this unfold, stepped in to help. She was able to pick Amber up and transfer her to AMA Animal Rescues clinic, Noahs Ark Veterinary Practice. After various X-rays and doctor examinations the team at AMA was notified that Amber was very lucky to be alive. See we don't know exactly what or who did this to our girl but multiple doctors agreed that she was either hit by a moving vehicle or viciously thrown out of one. The impact had to be so powerful to break her femur as well as fracture her hind leg in an entirely different place. Our veterinary clinic could not perform the type of surgery Amber needed to hopefully salvage the ability for her to get around on her own. So AMA transferred Amber to VERG North, where she was able to receive the type of specialty surgery she needed. Veterinarians at VERG confirmed that Amber will be able to walk again like a normal kitten would, and so after the long recovery process she finally walks, runs and even jumps as if nothing ever happened to her. The next step is to find Amber's forever family, because she surely deserves it.

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