Pending Adoption
Domestic Shorthair
1 years & 11 months
9 lbs

We were contacted about a very sad case of a cat name Barsik. His owners were moving and told the elderly neighbor that they would leave Barsik in a hallway of the building for a little while and then come back to get him. Unfortunately, the neighbor couldn't bring him in but volunteered to watch over him until they returned. And as you can guess, hours turned to days, and days turned to months. The owners never returned for him, and Barsik continued living in the hallway. The building's supervisor was eager for him to be gone, even though there was nowhere to go. Once we heard the story, we were absolutely devastated for this poor cat. He was abandoned and betrayed, and no one was willing to help. How can we not? So we took him in, and now he's patiently waiting to find his forever family. If you'd like to meet Barsik, please fill out the adoption application today!

Adopt Barsik

Sorry, but Barsik currently has a pending adoption and we cannot accept any more applications at this time.