Maltese Mix
January 11, 2011
7 years & 1 months

Bengie was surrendered to us by a family, who no longer wanted to take care of the deceased owner's dogs. Bengie and his furry sister were given as a present about seven years ago, and unfortunately, due to the difficult circumstances, they were about to become homeless and possibly end up at the kill-shelter. When we've learned about this situation we knew right there and then that Bengie is coming to us. The level of neglect we’ve observed, when we first met Bengie, was something that we don’t come across often. He was matted as if he never stepped a foot inside a groomer place (imagi7-year-old old poodle that was never groomed?!), dried feces were stuck to his severally matter fur, likely for years. But thankfully, Bengie didn't lose his kind personality and after a long grooming session, Bengie felt much better. He went to a foster home where it only took him a day to adjust and become a perfect pet that he always meant to be. Bengie is good with cats and dogs, housebroken, fixed and vaccinated. If you'd like to schedule an interaction, fill out the adopting application today.

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