Domestic Shorthair
1 months
1 lb

Meet Betty, our tiny miracle kitten.

When we first learned about our adorable grey kitten Betty, she was lying motionless beside a building, looking so still that it was hard to tell if she was even breathing. Our hearts sank as we watched the video, but then we saw it—a faint rise and fall of her tiny chest. We knew we had to act fast.

Rushing to the scene, we found Betty clinging to life. She was extremely dehydrated, malnourished, and struggling with a respiratory illness. Her condition was critical, but this little warrior had other plans. Betty's incredible strength and will to live shone through as she bravely fought her way back to health.

After receiving intensive care and a lot of love at the emergency hospital, Betty has made a remarkable recovery. Now, she’s a lively, friendly and affectionate kitten, eagerly awaiting her forever home at our facility. Betty may be small, but her journey has shown us all how mighty her spirit is.

If you’re ready to add a little fighter to your family, apply to adopt Betty and let her story inspire you every day.

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