Big Mac

Domestic Shorthair
2 months
1 lb
I'm looking for an adopter who:
is knowledgeable about kitten needs

Craving a furry friend with a side of charm? Say hello to Big Mac, the kitten with eyes as soft as burger buns!

Rescued alongside his littermates from a city shelter down south, Big Mac is a bundle of purr-sonality waiting to steal your heart. With his wide kitten eyes that sparkle like the secret sauce and a purr as comforting as a warm meal, Big Mac is sure to leave you lovin' it!

Whether he's exploring his surroundings with curiosity or cuddling up for a nap like a satisfied customer after a meal, Big Mac radiates undeniable cuteness in everything he does.

Big Mac is searching for a forever home where he can be the star of your heart. If you're ready to add a sprinkle of happiness and a side of laughter to your life, apply to adopt Big Mac today. Who knows? Big Mac might just be the missing ingredient to complete your family meal!

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