Yorkshire Terrier
September 1, 2008
10 years & 4 months
Pending Adoption

Blondie ended up at the kill shelter at the age of 10yo. She was sad and looked depressed behind bars, so we tried not to waste another minute and pulled her out as soon as she was ready to leave. Her teeth were in such bad condition that all of them had to come out, and now Blondie is absolutely toothless. She weighs 3,5 lbs, which makes it is very easy to carry her around. Blondie is very calm, likes to relax in her bed and doesn't mind her foster brother and sister (a dog and a cat). Blondie is a perfect dog for someone who is looking for a quiet companion to spoil and shower with love so that she can spend her retirement years pampered like a little princess that she is.

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