Domestic Shorthair
1 years & 1 months
8 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Can provide a safe home for an adult cat

With Blue around, you won't ever have to worry about feeling blue again! Blue is one of the sweetest and friendliest cats you could ever meet; his presence is as gentle and comforting as a clear sky on a beautiful day!

Not much is known about Blue except that he was a rescued cat who came from a shelter in Georgia. Despite his mysterious past, Blue's affection and love for others is as wide and deep as the great blue ocean! He is always so eager to receive attention and pets from our volunteers, making him a fan favorite at the shelter! Blue makes it a mission to brighten up everyone's day with his affectionate gestures; if he notices you're feeling even the slightest bit gloomy, he'll quickly scurry over to your side and rub against you to make the blues disappear!

Blue has a passion for music, often serenading his heart out with his somber and lyrical meows. He's a very expressive cat who isn't shy about letting you know when he wants your attention! Blue is looking to join a family that would give him the love and care that he needs to live a life full of contentment. He hopes to spend his days playing, napping, and of course, cuddling with his human friends!

If you're looking for a companion like Blue to liven up your days with his blue-tiful heart and soul, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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