Lhasa Apso Mix
February 20, 2010
10 years & 11 months
Bowie was a victim of neglect before his rescue. It took a long while for him to come out of his shell but he's doing so much better now. His reactions to kids and adults are pretty similar. He’s usually selective about who he’ll walk up to on walks (unless they have a treat he can see, of course). He never jumps, rarely comes up on his hind legs (unless it's for treats, duh), and is content to sniff and look. He ducks from pets, even though he's comfortable with his foster parents. Foster parents have been going from petting to scratching behind his ears to bring his face back up to try to encourage better reception of pets, but they’re still working on it. When someone new comes into his home, he’s always curious about them and sniffs around. Then either waits for pets or returns to watching from afar. He is always initially curious about dogs then depending on their size and energy level either wants to play or ignores them. He likes dogs his size and weight (Frenchies and bulldogs are usually a no) that are not too playful (pups). He’ll mostly hop around a bit and sniff. He has cat-like mannerisms (grooming, low energy, curling up near you but not next to you). If you'd like to make Bowie a part of your family, please fill out the adoption application today.

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