February 3, 2014
4 years & 4 months

We were alerted to a horrific case with a dog literally on death's door. Brownie, a tiny little pup was found on the floor of an office building in Brooklyn, NY, unable to get up or move. Police officers were going to take her to a high kill shelter, the worst fate for a sick or injured animal. That’s until we received a call from her finders and immediately stepped in. Brownie’s finders brought her to Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group and the AMA Team officially took over her care immediately - admitting her to the emergency hospital. We knew it was a serious case, but we couldn’t imagine nearly how bad her injuries were. The surgeons and veterinarians confirmed the worst, Brownie needed emergency surgery for internal bleeding, and to repair a hernia that was caused by BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA to this poor little 10-pound dog. Without a second thought, we signed off on her surgery estimate because we knew that if we didn’t proceed right away, Brownie likely wouldn’t make it through the night. After a very long surgery, we got a call from the hospital vet letting us know that Brownie had many further internal injuries than initially suspected. As we were notified by the professionals, there were many more internal injuries: Brownie had many more internal injuries: Prepubic tendon rupture, body wall hernia, splenectomy (removal of the spleen as it was ruptured), resection of the intestine (a part of the intestine had to be removed completely because it died in the body from the trauma.) She was also spayed while under. Our veterinarians believe that she was hit by a moving car and potentially ran into the office building to quietly die. They made it clear to us that if she wasn't hospitalized that same night, she wouldn't have made it! Meanwhile, the kind samaritans who first found Brownie dying in an office building began searching everywhere for her rightful owners. And eventually, we found her so-called rightful owners. What should have been the best news ever has quickly become confusing and frustrating.  After a few phone calls back and forth we understood that Brownie is not exactly waited on and expected with open, loving arms. Her previous owners didn't exactly want her back. We were shocked but most importantly disappointed and sad for our Brownie girl. After all she has already endured, this wasn't supposed to happen. She might have lost her humans but she gained all of us! And best believe we will make sure that she will have a family who would never take her for granted and always love and protect her for the rest of her days. 

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