Domestic Shorthair
4 months
4 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Can provide a safe space and time for a young kitten

You won't hear any "pop!" from Bubbles when you pet her, but you'll certainly hear some soft "meow"s and "prrrr"s as she closes her eyes and headbutts your hand for more headpats. Unlike those floaty bubbles that always disappear the moment you touch them, there's no need to worry about playtime ending too soon with this sweet little kitty!

Our gorgeous Bubbles here was found alone injured on the street. She had a respiratory problem that has since been treated, but her broken arm's condition was too severe and needed to be amputated. Despite being three-legged, Bubbles still manages to get around just fine! Her feline grace shines through in her elegant stride. She knows how to sway her hips with the charm of a tigress! Like all cats, she's a natural expert at yoga, so you’ll see her stretching every so often throughout the day. Maintaining flexibility is important for Bubbles since it helps her slink into those narrow crannies and tight spaces when it’s time for hide-and-seek!

Bubbles is quite curious and playful, and while she may be hesitant to approach you at first, she’ll quickly fall under your spell as soon as you give her a few gentle scratches between the ears or under the chin. Likewise, you might find yourself being enchanted by the shimmering light in her beautiful round eyes! If you realize that instead of blowing bubbles, you'd like to cuddle Bubbles, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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