Terrier Mix
March 4, 2014
3 years & 1 months

AMA received a desperate call about a hoarding situation out in Queens. When we were told there were at least 20 small breed dogs and puppies crowded in a few small rooms hoped it might be an exaggeration. But we wasted no time and got a rescue team on the scene.  Not knowing the situation that lie ahead, our team was accompanied by two police officers from the local precinct. When our group approached the home that was reported, we were greeted by skeletal and filthy dogs and cats surrounding the property, and an overwhelming stench of urine and feces.  The hoarding problem was so bad it couldn't even be contained within the walls of the home. The caller was not exaggerating. Not a bit. Buddy was one of the male dogs who had to fight for the scraps of food, and literally for his survival. Luckily, he was one of the healthiest dogs, and his medical recovery didn't take as much as for some other dogs. However, probably due to his previous experiences, he doesn't particularly like young children. He is sweet otherwise, and even gets along with mellow cats. Buddy is now looking for his forever home and if you are the one for him, please fill out the adoption application.

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