Terrier Mix

Almost a year ago we rescued 20+ dogs from a hoarding situation. About ten months later, we decided to stop by the place and check if there were more pets in there. Boy we were right to do so. Two sweet pups were living in the same place, covered in fleas, skinny and of course neglected. Camie had it the worse; her eyes were covered in pus, her skin was raw and infected. We knew that we are not leaving without these two dogs. Thankfully with the help of the police, we were able to take them away without complications. It took us weeks to rid of all the infections and parasites that infested Camie's body, but we were patient. We knew that at the end of it all she would be a healthy and happy dog.  Today, Camie is fully recovered and is waiting for her happily ever after. And we just can't wait for her to have a family she can call her own.

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