Domestic Shorthair
1 years & 2 months
10 lbs

Introducing Carmel, our big and beautiful boy with the most charming round face you've ever seen! Carmel has a gentle and friendly demeanor. He's open to affection and enjoys being touched, yet he remains a bit reserved and hesitant to step out of his crate. Although he may need some time to build confidence, Carmel's willingness to accept treats shows his potential for trust and companionship.

Coming from a kill shelter in Georgia, Carmel's journey has been one of adapting to new surroundings, but his spirit remains strong. While he may prefer the security of his crate for now, with patience and understanding, Carmel has the potential to blossom into a devoted companion. His charming personality and striking appearance make him so unique!

With his endearing traits and quiet determination, Carmel is ready to find a loving home where he can feel safe and cherished. If you're looking for a loyal friend who will appreciate your kindness and patience, Carmel is the perfect match for you. Adopt Carmel today and embark on a journey of mutual trust, love, and companionship!

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