Shih Tzu
June 2, 2005
12 years & 2 months

Unfortunately, we are writing about yet another senior dog thrown away to a kill shelter because his former owners, the people he loved and trusted his entire life since puppyhood, no longer wanted the responsibility of caring for him. By the time he arrived at the kill shelter it was clear that Charlie had already been as good as thrown out with the trash, and bringing him to a kill shelter was just officially getting him off their hands. He had obviously been neglected and not taken care of for a long time. He was set to be destroyed within days because of his age and neglected condition. Would we tell a grandparent that he’s going to a nursing home (forget being destroyed) because of an ear infection? So why do people do it pets? We rescued him and gave Charlie his hope back. He is now patiently waiting for a real forever family to come get him home. 

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