2 years & 9 months
9 lbs

Meet Cheddar! A Good Samaritan was startled by the loud cries of a cat on his way to class. He spotted a large orange cat perched on the roadside curb, visibly shaken in the freezing temperature and bleeding from its mouth and paws. It was clear that it was a house cat, craving warmth and security. Without hesitation, this person picked up the cat and contacted us for help. Cheddar is now safe and sound with us, medically ready for adoption, eagerly awaiting a loving family.

With a penchant for affection, he's tailor-made for a bustling household. He's also a lover of flowers and drinking water out of the faucet, as well as many other cute quirks that make him so special.

Cheddar is a velcro cat who likes to be the center of attention as he wants to be right where the people are and inspect everything they do. He is curious about everything! If you have company over, expect Cheddar to sit in front or between you and your guest, because he knows he’s the most important. 

He is patient with children and likes to play with them while also being able to gently show (with a little bit of sass!) when he is no longer interested. Cheddar likes to look out of the window, chase tennis balls, and “make biscuits” on blankets. Human company and good food makes him the happiest!

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