Yorkie Mix
In foster

One day Chop's owner became seriously ill and coming back from the hospital was no longer an option. At 15 years old, Chops was left all alone in the empty apartment. The owner's friend was coming to feed Chops once a day for months, but he had to spend two hours daily to get it done and he also knew that he won't be able to continue doing that for much longer. When all seemed lost, the owner's friend reached out to us with the desperate plea for help. When we heard the story we couldn't turn him down, and so we welcomed Chopes into the AMA family. He came to us neglected, with severe dental and gum disease, so the urgent surgery was scheduled immediately. It’s been some time now, and Chops is completely recovered. He is no longer in pain and now is finally enjoying his life. Chops is great with people and dogs, housebroken fixed and vaccinated. If you are looking for a senior dog- he is the one for you, sweet, relaxed, and a big cuddler.

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