Maltese Mix
9 years & 8 months
12 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Has experience with blind dogs and dealing with anxiety in senior dogs

It takes two to cuddle, and Cuddles is looking for a special partner who knows how to snuggle in tune to the beat of a heart! Instead of dancing back and forth in synchronized steps, it'll be a relaxing snooze session on the couch, where both of you can nudge noses and rub heads!

This sweet girl was originally going to be euthanized in a kill shelter because she was suffering from too many injuries. Within hours of being put to sleep, we managed to rescue her from a grim fate. At the AMA shelter, our volunteers have quickly learned just how much of an adorable cuddle bug she is and how she loves being nestled in someone’s lap! Cuddles is blind in both eyes and was paralyzed due to a neck fracture that has been treated. Since then she has come a long way and learn how to walk again, but the art of cuddling is ingrained in her muscle memory, so she’s always gravitating toward a lap whenever she needs her daily dose of affection!

We’re looking for an adopter who has experience dealing with anxiety in dogs and can take things slow and easy with Cuddles. She would prefer approaching you on her own terms and sniffing you until she can remember you by scent. Her sense of smell is exceptional, so she’ll never forget your unique aroma once she gets a whiff of it! Once she knows she’s safe in your presence, she’ll come nuzzling up against you unabashedly. If you’re interested in being cuddle buddies with Cuddles, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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