Pending Adoption
Shih Tzu Mix
14 years & 7 months
17 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Quiet Household

DAJ was surrendered to a kill shelter after his owner was hospitalized during the pandemic. It is a heartbreaking story, but unfortunately, that happened a lot last year. Because DAJ is visually impaired (he's not fully blind) he gets startled when someone approaches him suddenly. Naturally, he was deemed aggressive when he snapped at the assessor at the shelter. But it wasn't aggression. It was fear. Ever since we pulled him, he was nothing but a sweetheart as long as people approach him slowly. The same goes for dogs- he doesn't mind company but won't like a rowdy friend who has no sense of personal space. DAJ is a senior gentleman who is looking for a loving place where he can live out his golden years, and if you think you can be that for him, please fill out the adoption application today.

Adopt DAJ

Sorry, but DAJ is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!