January 2, 2017
3 years & 9 months
Pending Adoption

Dekka is an absolutely gorgeous bright-eyed dog that unfortunately grew up in the streets of Thailand, one of the worst places that a poor hopeless dog can wind up. Dogs from Thailand are being taken and brought to the meat markets in China and Korea. It is truly an unimaginable situation for any animal. We are beyond glad that, while working with the local rescue organization, one of the dogs we were able to rescue and bring to the state of New York was Dekka. Dekka is a medium, stunning exotic beauty! Dekka is in perfect health now and is waiting for a forever home to join. Originally Dekka did find a home with a mom, dad, and young son. He was the absolute perfect addition to the mom and son. Especially the little boy, they had a quick and unexplainable amazing bond. Unfortunately, due to the fear of large men, Dekka never learned how to trust the dad and so he is now back in our hands. Dekka is a loyal, comforting, loving and not to mention show off in the streets kind of dog! Each day Dekka is warming up to New York more and more and now he just needs a loving family for his happily ever after which he so deserves.

Adopt Dekka

Sorry, but Dekka is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!