Pending Adoption
German Shepherd Mix
5 months
45 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
has experience with German Shepherd Dogs

Meet Dexter, a charming and intelligent German Shepherd ready to steal your heart! Dexter may benefit from an experienced GSD person due to the breed's unique characteristics. With the right guidance, Dexter's potential shines bright, making him an ideal companion for someone with a strong personality to provide leadership and structure.

While Dexter's leash manners are already impressive, his recall is improving, especially with certain people. His teething stage is a testament to his youthfulness and eagerness to explore the world around him. With proper training and attention, Dexter's mouthing behavior can be redirected, showcasing his intelligence and willingness to learn. Plus, his food-driven nature makes him a joy to train and reward.

Despite his initial hesitancy with new people, Dexter's affectionate nature shines through when he's with those he's familiar with. He adores lounging around with his loved ones, showing his sweet and loyal side. 

Continuous socialization and exposure to various stimuli are essential for Dexter's development, but with dedication and patience, he's sure to adapt and thrive. If you're ready to welcome a smart, sweet, and loyal companion into your life, consider applying to adopt Dexter today!

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