Terrier Mix
3 years & 3 months
40 lbs
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You won't need a disco ball for the party when Dobby's around to light up the whole room with his liveliness! Dobby is the life of the party, and he enamors both humans and dogs alike with his cuddles and kisses. He hasn't let any hardships from the past stop him from saying hello to every potential friend he meets!

We found Dobby on the beach, malnourished and in serious need of assistance. He was unable to stand or walk on his own and was very frail. We rushed him to the emergency vet as soon as we could. After a few weeks of treatment, Dobby's health recovered enough that he could join us at the shelter, and from there, Dobby showed us just how sweet and passionate he is about meeting new people. He loves making friends and scheduling playdates with other dogs for a spectacularly fun time, or going on lovely walks with our volunteers!

Dobby is a natural extrovert and always knows how to smooth talk, or in this case, smooth bark others into giving him tasty treats or rubs. He's got the skill all pawed down! In fact, Dobby is so lively and bubbly, a home that can match his dynamic energy and provide him with the training that he needs would be best for him! If you would like to give Dobby a forever home and become his favorite, most special friend, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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