January 15, 2006
11 years & 5 months

As it often happens, after the owner passes away, there is no one to care for the pets that are left behind. This was the case with Pekie and Donald. One of them was rescued from a shelter and another from an abusive situation, and both of them were facing terrible future once again. When we received the call about two dogs, one of which is 10-11 years old and has no teeth, about to be surrendered to a shelter we knew that this story may not end well unless we interfere. And so we did, we welcomed these two dogs into AMA family. Donald is a Maltipoo, who was not in the best shape, matted and dirty, dry feces are all over his fur. Due to the dental disease, he has no teeth left, but to us he seems even cutter with his toothless smile. We know that after the through clean up this boy will be one handsome pup and will make one family very lucky. He is obsessed with staying on his back legs and begging for attention with his two front legs. Once you see it, you can't say no to him. Please fill out the adoption application if you'd like to meet Donald.

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