Terrier Mix
11 years & 7 months
I'm looking for an adopter who:
works from home/retired

Dylan's rescue story was a close one. A woman came to our shelter's doors, assuming we were a vet clinic and requested to euthanize her 12 yo dog. Once we saw that small, shivering pup, we knew we couldn't allow this, and we convinced the woman to relinquish her ownership to us. Luckily, she agreed to do so. Once our doctor examined the dog, we understood what the previous owner meant by saying that Dylan was constantly crying in pain, very uncomfortable in his mouth, and had severe eye infections that they could no longer deal with. The poor guy had a few teeth left in his mouth, and what was left was completely rotten and needed to be removed. And the growth inside his eyelid was consistently rubbing against his eyeball, irritating it. We provided surgery to fix both of those issues because Dylan deserves to live out his golden years free of pain. He's now fully recovered and patiently waiting for his new forever family to adopt him. Dylan is a very laid back guy, he likes to be with his people and gets sad when he's left alone. For that reason, we believe someone who's retired or works from home would be the best match for him. Dylan loves long walks and his belly rubs. If you'd like to learn more, please fill out the adoption application today!

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