August 9, 2016
10 months

It was always our dream to make a difference not only close to home, but also in international communities where dogs have even less of a voice than they do in the U.S. With nearly 150 abused and neglected animals rescued we are ready to expand our work across borders. We are talking about dog meat markets. These are places where people literally treat pets as trash - they breed them for food and pile dozens of them into small, dirty cages to stand under the burning sun with no food or water. Some of them never get to touch the ground, even stretch out a paw, before ending up in a pot of boiling water and then on someone's plate. This may sound like a horror movie but is not an exaggeration. For rescuers in Korea it is a scary reality. Their best strategy is taking the dogs right from the butcher's block. Rescuing usually entails going to the market disguised as a customer seeking dog for dinner, and then paying a hefty price to have the dog sold to them alive. We were lucky enough to meet a few of these people who've dedicated their lives to saving dogs from the Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market. We've been told stories of how rescuers get chased away with the knives and threats, and how they've had to develop nerves of steel to lie and beg, to save as many dogs as they possibly can. We partnered up with these brave people, and started "World Wide Wings" program to help rescue and transport dogs saved from under the butcher's knife. Dogs are incredible companion animals that are willing and able to love other animals, especially human beings, like no other. Their love goes to waste when they are tortured then feasted on. Join us in this new endeavor to save these dogs and the happiness that comes with them.
Our first dog from the dog meat market is Fei, she was used for breeding.. She was forced to mate and give birth so that her puppies can end up on someone's plate. There are truly no words to describe the disgust. Fei was abused and neglected for the first year of her life, but we can tell she didn't give up hope and this hope shines bright in these beautiful eyes. It is a known fact that Jindo dogs are very loyal, and so we really hope that the first home she will go to will be her foster to adopt home. She is shy and nervous around new people, but with time and patience she is sweet and playful ( same goes for other dogs). Please give Fei a chance. To meet her, fill out the adoption application.

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