Domestic Shorthair
May 16, 2017
1 years & 8 months

Felix was found with his sibling with no mother in sight.  He was so sick we weren't sure he will make it to the next day. But Felix refused to give up, and with every day he grew stronger and healthier until he was finally ready to leave to a foster home. Then, about a month later he started bleeding and having troubles breathing, so we rushed him to the emergency hospital. Once again his life was on the line, this time he broke his rib while playing and it punctured his lung- Felix was bleeding inside. It's not often that we get to save a life of an animal twice for two different reasons, but we did it.  Few days at the emergency care and Felix was ready to go back to the foster care. Its been some time since then, Felix fully recovered and is acting as if nothing bad ever happened to him. We are super excited for a family who will adopt this guy because there is nothing more rewarding than giving  a pet the second ( or in this case, the third) chance in life. Fill out the adoption application now.

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