Chihuahua Mix
June 14, 2016
2 years & 5 months
Pending Adoption

Ferdinand means fun! A lively little chap with lots of love to give, Ferdie (he's a nickname kinda guy) was found tied up to a pole outside an apartment in the Bronx by a couple, then brought up to a local animal shelter through which he ended up in our care. Ferdie couldn't wait to get out of his den and make a move, leashing up easily and trotting outside with a high step and a happy tail. He likes to sniff and explore, takes care of his business promptly, and is super eager to meet other dogs and even friendly with cats. Snuggles are always appreciated and Ferdie will hop his front paws up to beg for them, or settle down briefly on a lap for petting and praise. He's very good-looking and a fan of the camera, but, to truly appreciate his cuteness you'll just have to meet him in person. Fill out the adoption application for Ferdinand today! He is the little chi with the big heart!


P.S. Ferdie is extremely fearful of the vet clinic and around veterinarians in the clinic. He will need an experienced person when it's time to take him for shots/checkup.

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