Poodle Mix
6 years & 3 months
15 lbs

Meet Frost! 

This pup was found by a compassionate bystander who reached out to us when she found Frost lying on the side of the road. He was barely hanging on to life.

Upon meeting him, it was evident he bore the marks of his difficult journey—malnourished, matted fur, and so weak he could barely lift his head. But through it all, his spirit remained unbroken. Now, after receiving the care he needed, Frost is blossoming into a trusting and loving companion. You can see in his eyes that he finally feels safe.

Frost's name suits him perfectly—not just because of his beautiful white coat, but also because he melts hearts wherever he goes. He loves to play and explore, and he has a gentle disposition. He's already showing off his new-found zest for life, a happy-go-lucky dog! Give Frost your heart, and he will surely give you his. 

If you're looking for a friend who will love you through thick and thin, apply to adopt Frost today!

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