Lab Mix
February 2, 2015
6 years & 3 months

Fuji was found living in deplorable conditions in a basement. She had severe chronically infected and inflamed ears, mammary gland tumors, dehydrated, skin infection, and flea infestation. This poor girl had a miserable life for who knows how long, but she didn't lose her playful self despite the hardship.  Even though Fuji was later diagnosed with kidney disease and her blood work showed that she is hypothyroid, that doesn't stop her from having a full life and enjoy every moment of it. With a special diet and a couple of medications, Fuji is doing absolutely fantastic.  Fuji is housebroken (if taken outside frequently), extremely playful, and loving. She enjoys nothing more than the attention from her humans and will have zoomies every so often. Fuji has been good with dogs that she knows but would need a proper introduction to a stranger dog before she can feel relaxed around them. She hasn't been tested with cats. She's 86 lbs, so she would need a person who's comfortable handling such a large dog (though she makes it easy).

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