October 5, 2009
8 years & 7 months

Please meet Gosha, our latest rescue. He was taken out of a neglect situation, and we were shocked to see this pup, that should have been about 13-14 lbs, weighing twice as much. The poor guy can barely walk and at this point, it was surprising that a spinal disk didn't break from being unable to support that weight. On top of that, Gosha had severe allergies, causing serious skin inflammations all over his body. But in spite of all these hardships, Gosha was still a super sweet dog who loves to give out free kisses and hang out with other dogs. Weeks later and MANY medicated baths his skin is much better. He is following a healthy diet now and has lost few lbs already. He is a potty trained, currently fostered in Brooklyn, NY. 

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