Shih Tzu
March 20, 2007
12 years & 2 months
In foster

We were contacted about a senior (12yo) dog who’s been living alone in the house for a whole month. His owner got really sick and went to a nursing home, unable to care for this little guy. His family wanted nothing to do with the dog and so the pup was left all alone... The landlord was kind enough to walk him twice a day, and give him food and water. But what kind of a life it is for a senior dog? For any dog?! The landlord was told by a family to take the dog to the shelter, but a senior wouldn’t have the best chances there, and so we stepped up to help this cutie. Our newest member of the AMA family and what this sweet senior boy needs is a loving forever home. A home where he can get all the cuddles & LOVE he so much deserves. If you’re interested in adopting Grizzie, please fill out the adoption application today.

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