October 23, 2016
1 years & 8 months

Introducing the absolutely stunning Indigo. Indigo was initially rescued in Thailand by our partner rescue. She was found at the filthy shelter as a young pup, just waiting for her end, with no hope in her eyes. Thankfully, a local rescue was quick enough to pull her out on time, before she would end up as one of the hundreds of dogs that are being smuggled and sold to the meat markets in Korea or China. Indigo spend few months at the foster home there together with tens other rescued dog, but it is almost impossible to find a forever home in Thailand, and so we knew that if Indigo will ever find her forever home, it's not going to be in her home country. And so this is how she ended up in our care, and we welcomed her into the AMA family. Indigo is fun, friendly, affectionate and loves having attention from people. As it is very common with Thai dogs, Indigo can be unsure around dogs so her new owners could find her some steady dog pals to improve her confidence and social skills. She is fostered in a household with two other cats; however, she is not interested in bothering them. Indigo is about 30 lbs, housebroken, fixed and vaccinated.

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