Domestic Shorthair
5 months
5 lbs
I'm looking for an adopter who:
Can provide a safe space and time for a young kitten

Watch Jet unleash the zoomies as he launches himself across the room, expertly jumping over hurdles of furniture to reach the finish line!

Jet is such an energetic and playful little furball, it’s amazing to see how far he’s come in breaking out of his shell and showing us his true personality. When we first met Jet, he was very shy and quiet, but now he’s always demanding playtime and attention from our volunteers! Jet was originally found in a malnourished condition on the side of the road, almost lifeless, but after receiving medical attention, he managed to make a speedy recovery. Now he’s a very healthy and lively kitten who’s got the zoomies every day!

One cute known quirk that Jet likes to do is sticking his paw out of the crate and meowing whenever he wants attention. A great way to help Jet release all that excess energy inside of him is to engage in playtime with him. Wiggle a string toy in front of him, and he’ll be launching himself across the air to catch it with his little paws! In return, Jet may give you a personal and attentive grooming session with his tongue, just to show his appreciation for your companionship. (Don't worry, his tongue is clean, although it might feel a little ticklish on your skin!)

If you would like to give Jet the personal attention and playtime he needs, please fill out and submit an adoption application today!

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