Domestic Shorthair
December 15, 2014
3 years & 8 months

It's hard not to recognize true suffering the second it just smacks you in the face. When we see it, we know we must act quickly as every minute means the difference between life and death. Several women that were taking care of a stray cat colony noticed a new cat that had his collar wrapped around its neck and armpit so deeply it was tearing into her flesh. She was clearly in pain. As they watched her more closely they realized that if they don't do something fast, it won't be long until the kitty would be gone forever. They were able to get her us in hopes that there was something that could be done to save the cat's life. We couldn't turn away this animal in excruciating pain, and so we took her in without hesitation.
We have named her Jules. She was so weak that she didn't even struggle when doctors started their examination. Their findings were worse than we expected... As it turns out, Jules had once had a home- the collar slicing through her body, was proof of that. With her collar trapped around her body, it sliced deeper and deeper into her flesh. It's evident that it's been happening for a while as the cut was inches deep. By the time the cat was rescued, the wound was raw and infected, dripping in pus and the smell of dead flesh coming from little Jules was heartbreaking. We promised to do EVERYTHING that is in our power to save her life, as so we did. Jules is now healthy and ready for a new chapter in her life. She is good with dogs and people ( hasn't been tested with cats). Fill out the adoption application now.

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