Pit Mix
January 22, 2014
6 years & 6 months
Pending Adoption

About three years ago, we rescued a young puppy that was dragged around brutally by a man. The man was kicking and yelling at the dog, threatening to kill him. Julian was about 6 months old then. Two boys, (about 11-13 years old ) were walking by and when the man asked if they wanted the dog, they said yes- even at such a young age, the boys knew that they must act on this horrific treatment of a sentinel being. Unfortunately, their mother didn’t allow them to bring the pup home, and so the two boys were walking on the street, asking strangers to help them with the dog. After many long hours of searching for help, one of our volunteers saw the two boys with the pup, and offered to help. This is how Julian ended up in the AMA family. After a couple of months with us, Julian has been adopted into a wonderful family who later moved to South Carolina and for three years he’s been living there. Unfortunately, due to the difficult circumstances, the family wasn’t able to keep Julian and so recently Julian came back to us. Julian is a great dog who deserves to have his happily ever after, and we are hoping that with your help, he will get it.

Adopt Julian

Sorry, but Julian is currently pending an adoption by a forever home, so you can't apply for an adoption. Check back soon to see if the pet status changes!