Pit Mix
June 9, 2016
3 years & 3 months
When we saw Junior on the kill list, we knew that we had to give him a second chance. His bright hazel eyes caught our attention; they were filled with sadness but somehow there was still hope there. He was shy, a little scared and his tail was always tucked between his legs... this beautiful boy had been tossed aside like yesterday's trash but he hadn't quite given up on humans yet. We waited and waited in hopes that someone would reserve him at the last moment, but that never happened. So we contacted the shelter staff, who were extremely helpful and accommodating in our efforts to save Junior's life. We made it right on time, and so Junior became a part of the AMA family. But this poor boy has not had an easy life; luckily we took him in as our own and fought through all his hardships with him. He is now resting at his foster home,  opening up and learning what it is to be loved. Finally our gorgeous hazel eyed boy can look forward to a life well loved with his own forever family.  He is housebroken and good with dogs, has been around cats and will make a wonderful addition to a happy family!

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