Pit Mix
March 25, 2014
4 years & 0 months

We first noticed Nala on the risk-list. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and was in urgent need of medical care, something that a local shelter wasn't able to provide. We waited a little longer to see if anyone would be able to save Lana's life, but as the clock kept ticking, no one stepped up... AMA knew that we must act and so we did. We pulled this sweet girl without a second thought and welcomed her into the AMA family.  Miss Lana's got super snuggle skills, a perfect behavior assessment, and exquisitely expressive eyes that no photo can do justice--she couldn't be more adorable even if she tried! Black as ebony and so calm that you might not notice her at first, but she's really a beautiful social butterfly in disguise. Lana just loves getting out for a walk and some quality time with friends and if you like to cuddle then boy, have you come to the right place! Hugs, kisses and just laying around in each other's arms looking adoringly at one another, this sweet gal is ready and waiting to shower you with all the love, all the time. She's patient and soft with people and calm and friendly toward other dogs, even the rowdy ones that pass by her, and we can't think of a family that wouldn't be blessed to have her in their life. Great things come in small packages and Lana is the greatest gift of all.

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