November 10, 2016
1 years & 0 months

It is a known fact that there are many neglected and abused dogs roaming the streets of Puerto Rico. But we still get shocked every time we see a case like that. Lenny was just another stray dog who tried to get by day after day, begging for scraps of food, running away from the danger. Only this time the danger caught up with him. Someone chopped off Lenny's paw and let him go free ( or maybe Leny escaped before the torturer got a chance to finish the job).  Unfortunately we probably never will find out what monster did that to Lenny, but what we could do was to save his life. The next step is to make sure that Lenny gets his happily ever after with his forever family here, in NY. He is great with people, dogs and cats.  Fill out the adoption application today!

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