Domestic Shorthair
January 3, 2017
1 years & 4 months

We were contacted about a very pregnant kitty that was clearly someone’s cat once. We were told she loves people and purrs even while she is eating her food. She seems to be due any day now, according to the video, and so we couldn’t just ignore this case, especially right before the New Year. When we went to find a pregnant mama, we didn’t have to look for long. She walked out from the bushes towards us as soon as she was called. We then gently invited her inside of the car she jumped in as if she was riding the cars all of her life. We named her Lexi. We rushed her to the vet and did an urgent examination,  thankfully all of her tests came back negative. She was ready to give birth any day and so we waited. It seems like we were right on time! Only a day after we rescued Lexi, she gave birth to 5 healthy kittens. Mama and her babies were doing just great, and now that kittens are going to leave to their forever homes it is time to find one for Lexi. She is extremely sweet and calm, and would make one lucky family very happy. Please fill out the adoption application today.

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