Pit Mix
January 2, 2017
1 years & 1 months

Another neglect case that we just couldn't turn away. The super of a building contacted us about a dog named Lucky, who is being chained to a radiator. It was confusing to us at first to hear that someone can chain the dog for almost a year and not even try to find the dog an alternative home. But when we've received the video of the poor pup it became clear that not only people didn't walk him, they also didn't feed or care for him at all.  For months, Lucky suffered neglect, undernourishment, and lack of exercise. Lucky was fed from time to time by the super, but he was still skin and bones. We couldn't ignore this cry for help and rushed there as soon as we could.  But when we were expecting to see the dog that's lost hope in humanity, we were met by a happy and excited dog that still loved every single person who paid any attention to him. It was hard to hold tears when we saw how protruded his bones were, and we've noticed that he had troubles walking because of the long nails. We fed him a little and took him for a walk outside and the first thing he did was... he started eating snow. He was so used to being hungry that snow looked like food to Lucky. We promised that day that from that moment on Lucky will never have a day that he must feel that hungry. Fortunately, Lucky's story touched hearts of so many people. And it wasn't long until we found a wonderful couple who agreed to foster Lucky. He is a quick study and with all of the love and care his foster family provides he already learned how to properly introduce himself to other dogs, how to make friends with other dogs and people, he now is housebroken and gained some weight. Lucky lived up to his name and we are excited to see what life has prepared for him next.

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