We have an amazing update for you today! As you may know, one of the larger dog meat markets is in Thailand. And it’s always been our goal to rescue dogs from countries where our beloved pets are used as a hot meal on a plate ( it feels terrible even to write those words). And so we partnered up with a rescue in Thailand to help save our four-legged friends from a terrible fate of becoming someone's dinner. Please meet our first dog from Thailand- Manisha. She is about 1 years old, and came here to NY on November 20th, 2017. We can’t express how excited we were to welcome her.  Want to see the face of a dog that escaped the fate of being on someone’s dinner plate? Look at Manisha's face. She was rescued from a government shelter in Thailand, from where dogs often end up on a plate due to unspeakable regulations. She is very sweet with people, cats, and dogs, housebroken and we believe that she deserves a happy home. Fill out the adoption application today!

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