Domestic Shorthair
2 years & 8 months

If you're looking for a perfectly behaved cat- Marley is your guy! An emergency hospital contacted us about a cat that was brought in for urinary obstruction. He was also suffering from severely elevated potassium levels due to an inability to urinate. These symptoms caused his heart rate to slow to a critically low level, and as a result, he needed to have a catheter placed to relieve the obstruction and ultimately save his life. Unfortunately, the people who brought him in could not pay his bills, and the only other option they had was to euthanize him. Luckily for Marley, we were contacted right away and decided to step in to help. He was a sweet young cat who deserved a second chance at life and we are determined to give it to him. Now, months later, Marley is completely recovered and is thriving! He's on special prescribed wet food that he should stay on indefinitely, but other than that, he doesn't require any special care. This handsome boy is just perfect, and he's even good with dogs! If you'd like to learn more about Marley, please fill out the adoption application today.

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