Domestic Shorthair
May 29, 2018
4 months
In foster

We were notified about a tiny kitten whose leg was stuck between two metal poles. She was desperately trying to get out, but unfortunately, she was so small and the poles were so heavy... One of the witnesses helped to free her, but her leg was already badly broken so she wasn’t able to get back to her mom who was waiting nearby. We don’t know how long she had been stuck in there, but she was extremely dehydrated and barely had any energy to lift her head. When we met this little angel, who we called Mary, she couldn’t even open her eyes. But she was a fighter and she wasn't ready to give up. With the help of our supporters we raised the needed amount to cover her medical expenses and after a few short weeks, Mary was able to run and jump again.  She is now ready for a adoption and so she is patiently waiting for her forever to come and find her.

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